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A frustrated grad student with zero connection to bioethics

The Mark Zuckerberg of Open Source Genetics

My best colleague, […] - the guy who knows everything

Born in 1985 in Muenster, Germany. Did a Bachelor’s degree in life sciences there. Moved to Frankfurt to do a Master’s degree in Ecology & Evolution afterwards. Somehow developed a taste for bioinformatics/computational biology along the way. Thus now working on a PhD in Applied Bioinformatics.

Interested in Personal and Fungal Genomics, Evolutionary (Game) Theory, Molecular Evolution, Do It Yourself Biology and whatnot. Trying to find out how symbiotic relationships influence genomic evolution at day. Trying to make science more open at night (well, and at day). For that reason the co-founder of openSNP.

Avid fan of Open (Source|Access|Science|Culture). Convinced that basically everything is better if you add open in front of it. Traveling a lot and liking it. Interested in data driven self-improvement. Speaks Python, R & Ruby (on Rails) and even a bit of Perl.

Bastian Greshake Tzovaras
Hafeninsel 19
63067 Offenbach am Main, Germany

phone: + 49 176 213 044 66
twitter: @gedankenstuecke

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